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Eswatini Loans Facilitator

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  • Receive E200 in your E-wallet after signin up.
  • Send a loan application to the institution of your choice.
  • Send a loan application to all financial institutions to bid for it
  • Business opportunities, find, join and publish your business
  • Make a follow-up on your loan application
  • Test your financial well-being


Fastest way to get a loan


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Financial Assistance

Online TrainingSubscribe to an online training on finances topics

Business Planning request a bankable business plan

Business Case A concise and well-done busines case

Accounting Finish your struggle to put your books in order


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Find, join and publish your business

"With Eswatini Loans Facilitator you get closer to Financial Institutions in Eswatini "

In case you are a financial institution, There is a portal for corporate :